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Fireplace Leaks

When it rains do you notice that water drips down your chimney and into your fireplace and then on your living room floor? Or have you recently noticed bubbling paint and water bleeding through your drywall and you aren’t sure where the water leak is coming from?

There are many reasons for a leaky fireplace. Sometimes water penetration might be caused by cracked or missing mortar on your chimney. Other times it might be caused by a rusted chimney cover or inadequate chimney flashing (the metal sheet that joins the chimney to the roof).

The only way to diagnose and fix a fireplace water leak properly is to have it inspected by a professional chimney cleaner. An experienced professional chimney cleaner understands fireplace water leaks has all of the special tools, has been trained on how to detect and resolve water penetration issues. He’ll find the best solution for the problem.

Waiting for your fireplace leak to resolve itself will only lead to more damages. If you want your fireplace water leak fixed quickly and professionally, trust Professional Chimney Cleaners!

We provide the following fireplace water leak services:

  • Fireplace Water Leak Detection
  • Fireplace Water Leak Resolution
  • Flashing Repair
  • Chimney Cover or Cap Repair or Replacement

    If your brick or masonry fireplace is leaking each time it rains, then you’re going to need PCS’s water leak resolution services. Serving the Houston, Texas market since 2004, when it comes to fixing fireplace water leaks, we’re the Professional Chimney Cleaners that you want to call. 

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