Profession Chimney Service

When you call Professional Chimney Services, you’re investing in the future of your chimney. We believe your fireplace should be an enjoyable feature in your home, not an annoyance. Let our professionals maintain, repair or restore your chimney. Call Professional Chimney Services today to discuss your options.

Our Services

With over 15 years of experience servicing all of the Houston area, Professional Chimney Services has spent countless hours dedicating our unique services to our customers’ chimneys. Just as your fridge might break down or your oven might quit on you, your chimney can also fall into disrepair. Unwanted fires, leaks or crumbling can cause problems for both you and the structure of your home. A damaged or crumbling chimney can prove more than you bargained for, especially if it results in further repairs that you weren’t expecting. At Professional Chimney Services, we offer chimney restoration services, damper repair and waterproofing among our long list of services.

We can also give your chimney a good cleaning before its next use. So, don’t wait to fix potential or serious damage. Call Professional Chimney Services today for a free estimate.

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