As spring arrives in Texas, Houstonians have a lot of rain to look forward to. We’re sure that roofers will be getting a lot of calls to repair shingle. Chimney cleaners will be busy as well with leaky chimneys a water infiltration issues. While in some cases cracked mortar, spalled masonry bricks and cracked chimney crowns are the culprits, most people forget about the chimney flashing or the sheet metal that keeps the intersection between the chimney and roof watertight.

Over time the chimney flashing loses its adherence to the structure and water gets in behind it causing a chain reaction of unfortunate events. It can cause damage to the roof sheathing and framing as well as to the interior ceiling. If you have a chimney leak you’ll want to deal with this problem immediately before it gets out of control.

That’s where we come in. With more than 15 years of experience fixing leaky chimneys, we’ve seen and repaired it all. We recommend to our customers that they inspect the exterior chimney for water leaks every two years.  There are other factors that may warrant more frequent water leak inspections such as exposure to elements, structural issues etc…. We offer a free water leak inspection within the Houston services areas so don’t let that leaky chimney get out of hand.