As the summer comes to an end (I am sad about it too), we’re going to have to start preparing our homes for autumn. And that means keeping out leaves and branches and animals looking for a new home from our chimneys. Whatever finds its way down there at this time of the year will cause problems later on when we start using our fireplaces and chimneys.

The experts strongly advise that all chimneys have a chimney cap made from durable materials such as copper or stainless steel and a heavy duty mesh. Galvanized steel and aluminum are other materials that can be used but will have a shorter useful life. Because of the materials they are made of and the exposure to higher temperature and moisture from the rain makes these caps more likely to rust than stainless steel caps.

Professional Chimney Services carries high grade chimney caps from Whitecaps, a manufacturer and wholesale distributer for the last 30 years.  You can count on a chimney cap from Whitecaps to keep undesirables out of your chimney. For a partial list of the models that we carry, visit

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