Whether you own a traditional fireplace, woodstove or gas fireplace, there’s nothing like lighting a fire when the weather gets colder. However in order to burn a safe fire in your you’ll need to have regular chimney cleanings and service to minimize the amount of creosote buildup and reduce the chances of a fire. Your chimney should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year by a qualified chimney sweep. Not only does a regular chimney cleaning eliminate bad odors from your chimney, it also improves the airflow or draft and improves the efficiency of your fireplace. Creosote deposits that build up in your chimney can ignite causing a chimney fire and damage to your home’s structure.

PCS’s fully trained technicians will check your damper, firebox, interior and exterior brick/mortar, mortar crown, flashing, and cap.

Our chimney cleaning services include:

• Maintenance of your Chimney
• Chimney Sweep
• Chimney Inspections
• Chimney Caps and Spark Arrestors
• Chase Tops
• Masonry Repairs
• Chimney Waterproofing
• Chimney Leaks or Water Leak Repair
• Dampers
• Chimney Relining
• Chimney and fireplace rebuilding
• Animal Removal
• Tuck Pointing (mortar replacement)
• Crown Rebuilding and Repair
• Gas Log Installation, Sales & Tune-up
• Chimney Caps
• Chimney Cleaning
• Roof & Gutter Cleaning

• Water Leaks & Damage
• Firebox Repair
• Pressure Washing
• Animal Removal
• Masonry Work
• Valve Replacement & Pipework
• Firebox Rebuilding and Repair
• Animal and Nest Removal
• Replace Chase Tops
• Resolution of Ventilation (Drafting) Problems
• Fireplace and Chimney Installation
• Fireplace and Chimney Rebuilding
• Stove Installation
• Roof Flashing Installation and Repair
• Full Construction
• Video Camera Inspection
• Dryer Vent Cleaning
• Backwall Rebuilds
• Damper Repair

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