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Prepare Yourself for a Strong Hurricane Season


If it wasn’t enough that the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t letting up, it’s looking like 2020 will be an above average hurricane season for Houston and its surrounding areas. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), just released their assessment that shows there is a 60% chance of the Atlantic experiencing a high number of hurricanes [...]

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Chimney Technicians Keep Your Home Safe


Chances are that you are in the market for a new home. Whether it’s because your current home is too small for your growing family or too big because the kids have moved out you’ve taken the decision to get a new home. As we all know, a new home is the most significant investment [...]

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Cap It – Your Chimney That Is!


Do you want a tip that can save you a lot of trouble and money in the future? It might not be a hot stock tip but a putting a chimney cap on your chimney can save you a bundle. You’re probably asking yourself why install a chimney cap? The real question is why [...]

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Chimney Leaks Caused by Corroded Chimney Flashing


Is your chimney leaking and you don’t know why? You may have just had your roof fixed and you were assured that it wouldn’t leak – so why is it leaking? You might be looking for the leak in all the wrong places. We get calls from homeowners who have experienced water leakage from their [...]

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The Benefits of using a Chimney Inspection Camera System


They say that a picture can say a thousand words, but sometimes the right picture taken in the right place can be save you thousands of dollars.  While a Level 1 chimney inspection only requires a visual inspection, in some cases our certified chimney technicians need to take a closer look at the problem such [...]

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The Air That You Breathe


Some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning could easily be mistaken for common ailments like being too tired (headaches) or too much working out (muscle soreness) or getting up too quickly (dizziness). Carbon monoxide (CO) is a clear and odourless toxic gas that won’t make your eyes water or won’t irritate your throat that [...]

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