If you haven’t done it yourself then you probably know someone who has, more and more Americans are flipping a home these days. According to Mashvisor.com, the beginning of 2019 saw the market decline by 2% as 49,059 single family homes and condos flipped in the market. And while this is a 3-year low; the rate of house flipping is up. Home flippers represent a good proportion of home sales as the number of single family homes and condos flipped actually accounted for 7.2% of all US home sales in Q1 2019. It was up 5.9% from the previous quarter and up 6.7% from this time last year, the highest rate since Q1 2010.

In some cities such as McAllen-Edinburg, Texas (up 55%), San Antonio, Texas (up 47%) and out very own Houston saw an increase of 41%. It’s very easy to understand their motivation with profits ranging on average from $8,752 in McAllen-Edinburg, to $23,596 in San Antonio. So what do the good people of Texas know about flipping homes that others don’t? Keeping costs down will always be a factor but getting the best possible price for a property is the other side of the same coin.

While the kitchen and bathrooms renovations get all of the attention, the fireplace is often the most commanding element in any room it’s in and a fireplace renovation can become one of the more convincing selling arguments. People have a tendency to be drawn to an unlit fireplace when entering a room. For older homes with large brick fireplaces this can be a challenge.

In order to keep costs down, house flippers are tempted to use inexperienced contractors from other trades. But as it the case with many things in life, you really do get what you pay for. They might be able complete the job but they don’t have the requisite knowledge to ensure that your fireplace will function properly. An experienced and certified chimney specialist has shown that he or she has proven over time just how capable they are. Professional Chimney Services has been serving the Greater Houston market for more than 16 years. Over the years we have earned the proud distinction of an A+ BBB rating. As chimney and fireplace repair, rebuild and cleaning specialists we can ensure that when we leave your home your problem will be solved. We have staked our reputation on it.

If you are flipping a home and you want to give it modern look, brick fireplaces are the most popular to replace. You can wrap the brick in either tile or wood, leaving the exposed brick for the firebox which inexpensively updates the aesthetic look. You could also choose to drywall or plaster over the brick, creating a blank canvas that you can that will allow you use your creativity.

We have worked with many different clients with different types of chimneys and each with his or her unique set of needs. We will take the time to sit down with you to identify your priorities and concerns in order to come up with the best solution taking into consideration your budget and needs. If you would like to discuss your next project don’t hesitate to call us at 281-491-0433.