Whether you are a new homeowner or have owned your home for years, most of us take on all of those home repair projects in the summer on our vacations. Building that deck, painting the house or a long overdue kitchen renovation, we tend to take on these projects when we have the extra time. You can only put them off for so long when they are staring you in the face.

This leads us to some of the less glamorous but just as essential home projects, cleaning. From washing windows to cleaning the garage, the cleaning has to get done.  The only question is who will do it? Some might take on some of the smaller cleaning projects but the larger projects will require professionals. Chimney cleaning is one of those projects that will require a professional.

When it comes right down to it, investing in regular chimney care is just that, an investment that you can expect to reward you in the future. Regular chimney maintenance ensures that your chimney functions properly. Heavy rains can cause water damage to the exterior of the chimney causing water infiltration that ultimately enters the home. Creosote buildup in the interior of the chimney can ignite and cause a a chimney fire. Bi-annual chimney inspections and cleanings reduce the risk of their occurrence. In the best case scenario, your chimney might not need any repairs. But in our experience due to regular use, high winds and heavy rains, even a well taken care of chimney needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid the incidents mentioned earlier.

Now if you have decided to hire a professional chimney cleaner then you should exercise caution. Everybody and their cousin claims to be an experienced chimney cleaner. But there are some ways to determine if you are dealing with a dishonest person. You can ask that the chimney cleaner’s insurance agent send proof that he’s covered for at least $300,000 in coverage. Professional Chimney Cleaners is fully bonded and insured. Next ask for references, pictures or videos of past work. A true professional should have some of his work on hand to show his clients. Lastly, check into the business. How many years has it been in business? Does it have a rating with the BBB? Professional Chimney Services has been in business for the last 15 years and is proud of its A+ rating with the BBB. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

There you have it. It’s important to have regular chimney maintenance performed by accredited, bonded and insured professionals. Call PCS now and we’ll put your mind at ease so you can enjoy your summer.