Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or performing fireplace repairs; you’ll probably want your new fireplace to match your new interior design. Nothing makes the space feel cozier than a fireplace. Nowadays you have many options available including modern contemporary, traditional, rustic; you’re only limited by your imagination…and budget!

We are seeing more contemporary designs these days with clean lines and clear glass enclosures that are not only efficient but come with an amazing view. If you have a spacious, home with natural light beaming in from large glass windows then a glass fireplace will continue the theme throughout the living area. A modern glass chimney and fireplace will blend perfectly with pale wood floors and neutral-colored furnishings.

An edgy slate design gives the fireplace surround is another material that homeowners with an open design concept are opting for to continue the kitchen’s countertops that are found in the kitchen. They can add built-in bench ups to store firewood and provide additional seating.

For traditionalists nothing beats the beautiful molding and intricate design that is showcased in the classic fireplace design. Whether marble is used to surround to give it a more elegant look, the firebox elevates the look; a traditional fireplace design with a modest profile creates a focal point in any room.

Finally the trend towards rustic fireplace design gets its inspiration from the architectural style of the Adirondack Mountain region in New York originated between 1870-1930. The Adirondack Style, logically named after the mountain range incorporated logs and branches of trees in their natural state in the fireplace design. Reclaimed woods and stone are some of the modern elements used to create a rustic fireplace. A wooden mantel and natural decor add to its natural charm.

Whatever you chose as your fireplace design, function is almost important as form. Whether your fireplace is gas, electric or wood-burning it should use today’s technology such as zero-clearance fireplaces which reduce temperature buildup allowing them to be installed in close quarters near combustible materials, such as walls or wood.

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