Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving Day?  Family, turkey and stuffing (or your favourite food) and football are how most of us celebrate the day to pay thanks and count our blessings. After a great meal, fortunate families across our great country gather by the fireplace to get warm. Because your such a responsible homeowner, you made sure that your chimney was cleaned weeks ago, right?

Unfortunately, between work and getting our kids to soccer practices, we don’t always get around to calling the local chimney cleaning company until the week before Thanksgiving Day. And in our business that can be little too late. At Professional Chimney Cleaners in Houston, we are so booked up from the Thanksgiving Day rush that we can’t take new appointment until the week of November 26th.

I am sure that many of you think that this is a nice problem to have but it isn’t. We love the holidays just like everyone else. And we want to keep our customers happy no matter what. But the reality of the situation is that Thanksgiving Day is not just another holiday. Homeowners want to make their homes look fantastic for their families.

We’re asking all of our customers to have patience while we serve those customers that have pre-booked to have their chimneys inspected and cleaned. PCS values your business and the trust that you have placed in us to get your chimney cleaned. We strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We would like to wish all Houstonians and Americans a happy and safe Thanksgiving in front of the fireplace with their family and friends.