For homeowners that want to add natural and gas heating to their backyards, adding a fire pit, bowl and or a fireplace will be a welcome addition to any outdoor space. An outdoor fire feature can extend summer fun into the cooler autumn months. Depending on your preferences towards functionality, form and design, there are a wide range of products each with different pros and cons.

You can transform any night with an outdoor fire pit. Easy to use, there are many types of fire pits to choose from. If you cook outdoors then a fire pit with a wood burning grill might be right for you. Propane fire pits provide a luminous flame without the need to continuously refill the tank. If you’re in the market for non-wood burning alternative, you might be interested in a gel fire pit. A natural gas fire pit is fairly inexpensive to run and never runs out of fuel that is if you have access to a natural gas fuel line. Fire pits produce a lot of smoke and don’t use a chimney so it is very important to ensure that the smoke is directed away.

Fire bowls come in wide range of materials including handcrafted copper, metallic or concrete and in a wide variety of beautiful designs and colors. Some of the more elaborate fire bowls come with glass-fiber reinforced concrete, stainless steel burners and regulators. They can be operated either automatically or manually. Some automated systems include U.L. control panels and can be operated remotely from your favourite outdoor sofa.  Manually-operated fire bowls use natural gas or propane 60,000 – 80,000 BTU per hour.

While fire bowls and fire pits are attractive alternatives, nothing beats an outdoor masonry fireplace. It is wonderful way to give your backyard a nice warm look and homey feeling while enjoying the functional benefits of having an outdoor fire.  Just like a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace can be used as a cooking spot as well. An ideal gathering place for family and friends, your patio with its outdoor fireplace will help you relax after a rough day at work.  Outdoor fireplaces come in a wide range of designs. The advantage of the more traditional fireplace and chimney masonry designs is that you can vent the smoke away through its chimney. And because of its enclosed fireplace design, wind will be less of an issue than if you installed a fire bowl or fire pit. You also won’t have to worry about having or not having a gas line. An outdoor fireplace gives you the best of all world’s at a reasonable price.  

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