We can finally say goodbye to the colder winter and spring weather. The cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your chimney but there are many ways the warmer seasons can cause serious problems too. With the temperatures climbing into the low 90s this week take some time to learn the many ways these warmer months can pose a threat to the proper operation of your chimney.

The major threats in the summer months that can lead to chimney damage include:

– High storms and winds causing crown and flashing damage

– Infestation from insects such as bees within the chimney

– Increased humidity that leads to excessive moisture and condensation in the interior of the chimney

– Smells in the chimney from animal droppings or creosote buildup become more severe because of the excessive humidity

– Creosote or soot buildup that becomes more severe in the summer months. This is a dangerous problem because it can cause a chimney fire to ignite and spread to your home.

– Structural problems with the masonry or brick chimneys can turn into a big problem if they aren’t taken care as soon as possible.

While most of these problems can be taken care of by a regular inspection by a professional chimney cleaner such as removing creosote and repairing structural chimney damage caused by bad weather other problems can be prevented by installing a chimney cap, pot topper or chase cover.

You might not be familiar with the great utility of a chimney cap so here are some reasons why this small investment can give you a big return.

  1. A chimney cap will keep rain water from coming down your home’s chimney which will reduce moisture and water infiltration which causes structural damage to the interior of the chimney.
  2. It will keep out animals. Sure insects might find a way into your chimney but it will keep out the larger raccoons and squirrels from becoming your house guests.
  3. The flat shape design will help prevent downdrafts from high winds. If you don’t have a chimney cap and you’re using a wood-burning fireplace at the time, a wind-induced downdraft can blow smoke back into your home.
  4. Chimney caps also act as spark arrestors by helping prevent lit embers or sparks from the chimney to landing on the roof of your home or your neighbor’s home and possibly catching it on fire.
  5. Chimney caps prevent twigs and leaves from entering your chimney.

We can’t state this enough a professional chimney can do a much better job than your jack of all trades type. Not only do they have the experience of dealing with all of the potential problems that you might have with your fireplace and chimney but they have the proper tools.  As an insured and bonded chimney installation and service company, Professional Chimney Services has over 15 years of experience servicing all of the Houston area, Professional Chimney Services offers chimney cleaning and repairs, preventing unwanted fires, leaks or crumbling, dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning.

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