Are you experiencing chimney water leaks each time it rains? Are you tired of water leaks causing water to enter your home? Let Professional Chimney Cleaners fix your chimney leaks. Over time chimney cracks appear in the chimney due to age and exposure to the elements such as rain, sleet, snow, etc… causing deterioration, water penetration, cracking, chipping and spalling. If these chimney cracks are left untreated, masonry they can lead to water damage from structural instability and chimney leaks.

Here are some of the important telltale signs that your chimney is in need of repairs. Staining or discoloration of the brick is common when you have a moisture problem. The white residue is a result of too much moisture in the brick masonry and can lead to its long-term disintegration. You shouldn’t panic if your chimney is showing signs of discoloration but you should get it inspected.

If you peak up your chimney, do you notice rust on your firebox or damper? Rust is another sign of excessive moisture in your chimney. It’s harder to see rust on the damper; but if you notice that it’s difficult to close it’s a sign of rusting. More serious signs of rusting include cracked flue tiles which slow the updraft and make it harder for smoke and gases to rise up and out of the chimney. As a result the heating appliance such as the fireplace or woodstove won’t work effectively causing these gases to stay in your house.
Another area that you should pay attention to is the mortar joints in your chimney which can be damaged by the moisture seeping into the chimney. When the weather gets cold, moisture can freeze inside the mortar joints. When the moisture freezes and then thaws, cracks can form and the whole chimney could come down if it isn’t repaired. You should get this taken care of immediately.

The flue lining plays an important role in exhausting noxious gases and provides protection to the masonry of the chimney. The flue lining is composed of chimney tiles and they are usually made of ceramic. If you notice chimney tiles collecting in the fireplace it’s an indication of shaling or a damaged flue.

Finally, if you notice see bits of masonry around the bottom of the structure your chimney is spalling. This happens when moisture enters masonry, causing the brick, concrete, or stone to peel off just like an orange peel and flaking off. If you don’t want the chimney to come down it’s important to replace the damaged masonry as soon as possible.

Professional Chimney Cleaners has been providing chimney repair services to residents of the Greater Houston area for more than 15 years. We are an A+ rated business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and are fully insured and bonded.

We offer the following chimney repair services:
• Masonry chimney repair
• Chipped brick repair
• Cracked brick repair
• Brick spalling repair
• Chimney waterproofing
• Water leak repair
• Water repellent treatment
• Chimney crown repair
• Structural chimney damage repair
• Brick and mortar matching
• Chimney flashing repair
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