As another hot summer comes to an end, homeowners will be getting their homes ready for the cooler autumn weather. And with the National Chimney Safety Week which runs September 30 to October 6th, they’ll want to make sure that their chimneys are functioning properly. Each year CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps, like me, work to raise awareness of chimney safety. As you all know from reading the articles on my website or just looking at the homepage on my website, chimney fires were responsible for 26,000 of the 385,100 fires in the US on average from 2005-2007.  And according to the CSIA, many of these chimney fires were preventable.

You should have your chimney cleaned twice annually if you want your fireplace to burn safely. But something that we don’t hear about as much is a chimney fire. When a chimney occurs, you’ll hear a loud cracking and popping noise, a lot of thick smoke, and a strong smell. It’ll sound like an explosion in your fireplace and flames and sometimes dense smoke may shoot from the top of the chimney. The other kind of chimney fire is slow-burning chimney fires which aren’t as sensational. But, the temperatures can climb and can really damage to the chimney structure. With proper chimney system care, chimney fires can be prevented. So if you think that you had a chimney fire or you just need a regular chimney inspection and cleaning, give us a call.