I found this great website, http://average-rainfall.weatherdb.com/, that gives the average rainfall for all of the cities in the US and Texas. Although we don’t get as much rain in Houston as they do north and east of us in Pinehurst or Orange where they get 64.21 inches of rain a year, we do get around 55 inches of rain each year. Who do you think gets the most? Houston? Pasadena? Pearland? How about a tie?

All three cities get on average 54.65 inches or rainfall per year. You’re probably asking yourselves why a chimney sweep cares about rainfall.  I can tell you that the rains we might get over the next couple of months will keep me very busy. It’s definitely not the right time to be taking a vacation.

When we get those heavy rains over the next couple of months we can count on getting calls not only for chimney cleaning but for cleaning up the mess that the rains leave behind. If you’ve been using your fireplace over the winter, your chimney will have a lot of creosote buildup sticking to the walls.  The rains wash them out, leaving their mess behind. No matter who gets more rain over the next couple of months, if you own a chimney avoid a mess and give us a call.