I’m sure that you’ve all driven by that house that has a blue tarp tied around its chimney? Or how about the house with the masonry chimney that looks like it’s about to fall apart any minute?

As a chimney cleaner, I see crumbling chimneys all the time. It is a very normal occurrence and you should expect that over time you will have to make some repairs, big and small. Most masonry materials or bricks are porous which guarantees that they will absorb large amounts of water. When the mortar joints are defective or they aren’t being used properly there is a greater chance that the bricks will soak up the water on the outside; causing the water to seep into the interior of the chimney. And when that happens, the water will run down the chimney to your fireplace and leave you with a big mess to clean up. If you don’t get it repaired, then you can look forward to having a big mess each time it rains!

When a chimney’s bricks have come loose and the gaps aren’t patched or are poorly patched. This chimney requires a good tuckpointing job and I’ll refill the loose gaps. I’ll then waterproof it to prevent further deterioration. Finally, I’ll add a chimney cap to help keep birds, animals and leaves from entering the chimney.

With more than 15 years of experience servicing all of the Greater Houston area, I have seen it all. So if your chimney needs tuckpointing or waterproofing, give Professional Chimney Cleaners a call.