We have some wonderful news, PCS; your Houston fireplace expert is now offering fireplace tile facing remodeling. Remodeling your fireplace tiling or fireplace surround is a great idea if you’re tired of looking at unattractive and outdated tiles and you don’t want to replace your entire fireplace. It’s not an easy remodel, it could take a novice as much as three days but it’s well worth it.

There are several options that are available as to the materials that you can use for your fireplace. Some fireplace owners chose a slab of marble, granite or another solid surface to create a dramatic focal point Steel is another material that is gaining popularity because most areas need a noncombustible material for a fireplace surround and hearth. A steel facing gives your fireplace a modern, sleek look. If you’re going for a rustic material, copper might be the right facing material for you. Finally, of all the types of materials out there, nothing is as flexible as stone. There are many options of stone to choose from for a fireplace facing. Stones such as fieldstone come in many shapes, colors and textures.

We’ve only covered some facing materials here. Tiles, painted brick, classic brick, concrete, ledgestone etc… are materials that you might want to consider for your facing. We’ll work within your budget and time requirements for a fireplace remodel that we’ll make you proud.

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