As widescreen TV’s are getting bigger, fireplaces are following suit. With natural finishes like brick and rocks and futuristic finishes like metallic, they are more options than ever before. The classic look is being replaced by modern design that stresses minimalism and clean lines.

And big screen TV’s are taking their place on top of the fireplaces. Fireplaces add value to any home while reducing heating costs. And with the cold weather that we’ve been getting lately in Houston, installing a fireplace can be an idea that you can warm up to. The advantage of newer fireplaces is that that the heat can circulate warm air to other parts of the home for a much more efficient heating system.

And glass doors as well as doubled-sided fireplaces are also becoming popular.  The advantage is that these fireplaces offer light and heat on both sides of a wall providing a focal point for the rooms while opening up the space.

If you need to have a fireplace installed, Professional Chimney Cleaners has more than 15 years of experience servicing all of the Greater Houston area.