Your real estate agent has found your dream home. It’s close to a park for the kids to play. The property taxes won’t put you in the hole. And you might have some renovations to take care of once you move in or at least that’s what the home inspector told you. But wait a minute; what about the chimney was it inspected?

If you called in a qualified home inspector, chances are you won’t have to worry about that one. Home inspectors do a great job at visually inspecting the accessible areas of a home, from the chimney to the foundation. Many of them belong to the American Society of Home Inspectors,, which has been protecting homebuyer’s interests since 1976. An ASHI-certified home inspector will look closely at the condition of a home’s chimney, taking a look at the firebox, inspecting the damper and hearth as well as identifying cracks in brickwork that could lead to water damage.

You could say that home inspectors are like a chimney sweep’s extra set of eyes. You see if a home inspector notices that your chimney might need some repair work or it might just need a cleaning, he’ll place a call in to a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep. CSIA sweeps have attended specialized training to keep them up to date in the latest techniques and technologies in order to keep their clients safe. We’ll ensure that your new home’s chimney is as safe as it can be. In fact the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommend an NFPA 211 Level 2 inspection upon the sale or transfer of a property.

Don’t let your new home turn out to be a bad dream, get it inspected by a home inspector and or a chimney professional.