When the vampires and ghosts came to visit you this past Halloween, were they afraid of that dangerous looking chimney on your roof! The heavy rains that drenched Houston in July may be a memory but for some homeowners, the damage from those heavy rainfalls that we experienced is only starting to show. If you have an older chimney, you might want to think about getting it inspected if you suspect water damage.

The problem with water damage to your chimney is that minor leaks can cause major problems if they aren’t taken care of. When a chimney leaks, the water will leak into the walls and ceilings. Not only will the leak cause structural damage to your home over time but the mold and spores that form in the walls and ceilings will affect the quality of air and may harm people with respiratory illnesses.

If you have a brick chimney you might also experience saturation leakage which is caused by the water getting absorbed by the masonry wall or chimney and the moisture passes through the wall. The water will eventually make its way into the interior of your home and every time it rains, the water from the leak runs down the wall leaving a stain.

PCS will repair your chimney so that there will be no more water infiltration. Once the chimney has been repaired, you might want to consider having it waterproofed so that it doesn’t happen anytime soon. Some of the benefits are:

  • Reduces the deterioration of the masonry.
  • Prevents water intrusion & absorption from saturating brick masonry.
  • Keeps the chimney in its current state
  • It will eliminate the costs of having the chimney rebuilt in the future

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