The holidays are a special time of the year, families get together to thank the lord above. But after the Thanksgiving turkey has been carved and the family settles down to share stories and spend time together, it’s time to get the fireplace started. Nothing says home like a warm fire with the ones you love.

Before you get started, you’ll have to neatly arrange your holiday fabric on your fireplace mantel making sure that it’s clean first. An interesting arrangement with two fabrics is placing the darker fabric underneath the lighter fabric to create a blended pattern. Rich colors such as red and orange, brown and gold will help create a cozy mood.

Whether you have a traditional masonry fireplace or more modern gas fireplace, there’s always a decorative touch that you can add to match the season. Selecting the right decorations for the mantelpiece will help create that special atmosphere that will make all of your friends and families feel right at home. Using the seasonal colors to guide you, the browns, reds and oranges, leaves, pumpkins, candles, dried corn ears, moss, acorns, pinecones, feathers and berries are all great choices to decorate the hearth. Fresh flowers and garlands are the perfect touches to a great looking fireplace.

PCS wishes you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with lots of turkey and most importantly lots of love!