You’ve got your weekend all planned. You’ll throw some logs in the fireplace and cuddle up you’re your significant other Nothing beats a good fire on a cool evening. You’re all ready to go and then it dawns on you, it’s been awhile since you’ve last used your fireplace. Do all of its parts function properly? Will the fire burn correctly? Is it safe to use?

If you haven’t had your cleaned in a while, now is a good time. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CFSIA) recommends an annual chimney cleaning to ensure that your fireplace and chimney function correctly. If you use yours a lot, we suggest that you get it cleaned twice annually. You should have it cleaned once in the fall before you use it and once after the winter to remove the creosote. Other things to take into consideration are the surroundings; a lot of trees mean a lot of leaves and twigs that can find their way into your chimney. Chimney caps will keep debris out of your chimney and are worth the investment because you won’t have to get your chimney cleaned as often.

Remember to close the damper unless you have a fire burning. An open damper causes drafts and allows the heat to escape from the room. Burning a fire in your fireplace will keep you warm over the coming winter months. Use your fireplace properly and get it inspected in order to ensure that unfortunate incidents don’t occur.